Uncertainty in the Offices of the DA for the 5th and 9th JD

A lot of pomp and circumstance accompanied the presidential election, but local politics matter. They matter a great deal. Peoples’ current employment and future career are at stake. Two cases in point are the DA’s offices for the 5th and 9th judicial district.

In my old stomping grounds, the 5th Judicial District, Bruce Brown won and will become the DA. There are rumblings of massive upheaval in the Eagle, Breckenridge, Leadville and Georgetown offices that make up the 5th. Brown ran on a platform of “change” so it come as no surprise that there’ll be a number of new faces representing the Office of the DA for the 5th JD. We’ll see how large that number grows to when the smoke clears here shortly. I agree with Brown’s policy of focusing on mentoring younger, inexperienced attorneys. I myself was one of those greenhorns. The biggest issue is who he finds to do the mentoring. Time will tell.

Over in the Office of the DA for the 9th JD, things are far from clear. Sherry Caloia is set to unseat the incumbent, Martin Beeson. If a recount is necessary, we likely won’t know the results for at least a couple weeks. Who takes the reins will determine, at a minimum, what happens in the Aspen office. Again, time will tell.

The takeaway is that local politics matter. Approximately $4.2 billion was spent on this past election. The lion’s share of that was directed towards the race for the White House. While federal income tax rates and declarations of war impact us all as Americans, we often gloss over the effect of local elections. People’s careers can turn on a dime – for better or for worse. It’s a story that often goes untold. I sympathize with those facing the likely consequences of the 2012 election.


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