Additional Judge for both the 5th and 9th JDs

Yesterday, Chief Judge for the Ninth Judicial District, James Boyd, sent out an email to a number of attorneys announcing that Governor Hickenlooper signed the legislative bill adding a judge to the 9th J.D. last Friday, March 8. The same bill adds a judge for the 5th J.D. as well. I wrote about the proposal earlier in January here.

The Colorado House of Representatives voted 60-2 in favor of the bill, and it passed unanimously in the Colorado Senate. The current caseload for judges in these two judicial districts is simply overwhelming. Relief cannot come soon enough. Judge Boyd indicated that the new position would start around July of this summer. A public notice inviting applications will go out this week.

It will be interesting to see who throws their hat in the ring. Martin Beeson is expected to be a candidate in the 9th J.D. In the 5th J.D., it’ll depend on whether Dana Christiansen will apply. He’s in charge of the Public Defender’s Office for the 5th and was a finalist when Karen Romeo was appointed by former-prosecutor and then-Governor Bill Ritter.


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