The attorney-client relationship is critical for a successful result. When a person walks into the courtroom they need to know that his or her attorney has the information, talent and experience to tell their story persuasively. Everyone has a story to tell. The difference between winning and losing often comes down to which party’s story is told with clarity, thought and passion.

Ryan Kalamaya understands the value of a story. Want proof? See what former clients have publicly said about the value of his work.

Ryan helped our family out with a complicated matter with our special needs child. Ryan was able to negotiate a positive solution in a very short amount that was positive for all parties, saving everyone time, energy and money by avoiding multiple lawsuits. I appreciated Ryan’s calm demeanor and his sensitivity to our situation. I am very grateful for the great job he did for us. Ryan helped me through my divorce. He listened to my goals and priorities, and achieved the desired outcome. He was knowledgeable and highly effective.


There are truly no words to describe how thankful and grateful I am for your work towards my defense. Considering this was (just) a Protection Order, your sincerity, dedication and professionalism exceeded all of my expectations. Without actually “saving my life,” in theory, you did just that. The level of hurt, stress, embarrassment and shame that XXX had placed upon me during the last couple of months has been something I’ve never experienced in my life. Because of you, ALL of that was completely lifted the moment we walked out of Judge XXX’s courtroom. I was finally able to sleep more than four hours last night.


I would absolutely recommend Ryan to anyone looking for a straight forward and hard working lawyer. He was knowledgeable and informative of everything that had to do with my case. I would not only trust Ryan to handle anything put in front of him, but I would trust him to do it with the utmost sincerity and success.


I presented Ryan with a legal situation that was very challenging and somewhat explosive, where my family’s safety and security was jeopardized. Ryan handled the situation very well–being personable and accommodating when it was merited, and taking the hard line when it was warranted. He demonstrated a firm grasp of the law and civil procedure, and the results were excellent. I recommend Ryan and his firm highly.


I enlisted Ryan’s services on a matter requiring extensive research, some of which involved records 25 years old. His service and communications were superb.


Ryan is a knowledgeable and hard working individual who sincerely cared about my case and communicated any progress he was making to me in a timely manner. My family and I put complete trust in him to help me and he did. I would recommend him to anyone looking to be represented by someone who will go above and beyond for success.


I hired Ryan Kalamaya back in January 2013 to assist me in a divorce and intense custody battle. My ex was attempting to relocate with our 2 year old son to South Carolina. Ryan helped me through this grueling process every step of the way. His ability to dot the i’s and cross all the t’s improved my chances of keeping my son in the roaring fork valley immensely. I am truly grateful for all of his hard work and unbeatable instinct.


Was very informative and communicated well. Had our best interest as a priority.


The first great distinguishing characteristic Ryan presented over his peers is that he actually returned my call and within thirty minutes of making it. He took the time to really understand the situation, very quickly developed an action plan, then successfully executed the plan. He used great care and compassion in dealing with my relative and and we felt from day one that we had added a very valuable member of the team. He kept me informed and up-to-date and was a great pleasure to work with throughout the process. Lastly, he managed the litigation to a successful result.

The respect of opposing counsel is also important. Here’s what other attorneys have written about Ryan:

Ryan is an outstanding attorney and a true professional. I highly recommend him. – Pete Thomas, Praxidice Law


Ryan was a pleasure to work with in an area of law that can often be highly litigious and contested. I have worked with many family law attorneys who encourage their clients to battle with their spouses in a divorce, and these attorneys often employ the same techniques in their negotiations with opposing counsel. While it is important to advocate for your client, it is also important to maintain a good relationship with opposing counsel in order to reach the best settlement for your client, whenever settlement is possible. Ryan’s ability to work with opposing counsel is an asset and it did not diminish his ability to fight for his client when necessary. In fact, it often made him sound more reasonable when he did take a stand on certain issues. These attributes helped facilitate a settlement which is useful in almost all divorce cases, but especially those that involve children. – Jennifer McGinn, The McGinn Law Office


Ryan is a common sense attorney with creative solutions to problems both big and small. Hardworking and honest, I recommend Ryan to anyone seeking an attorney. – Jared Hassan, Hassan + Cables


As a former co-worker of Mr. Kalamaya’s for over two years, I can assure you that he is a hard working, professional, and competent counselor. He will go the extra mile to make sure you are adequately represented. I would recommend him for any of your legal needs. If he is not an expert in the area, he knows someone who is. – Braden Angel, Former Deputy DA in Eagle County


I am a family lawyer in Atlanta and my client and I needed assistance in Colorado. Ryan was quick to respond to our call; listened well; knew the law and was able to quickly analyze the matter. He charged a reasonable fee to assist the client and met a tight deadline. Hannibal Herredia

In addition, numerous colleagues, adversaries and fellow attorneys have endorsed Ryan Kalamaya’s various skills. For more information about Ryan’s background, click here. For more reviews, visit Ryan’s Lawyers.com and Avvo profiles.


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